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Semi-Truck Transmission Overhaul in Oklahoma

Is your truck shifting poorly or refusing to stay in the right gear while driving? If you’re experiencing frequent transmission problems, it may be time to bring your rig to our mechanics for semi-truck transmission overhaul in Oklahoma City, OK. With more than 50 combined years of experience, our mechanics are able to repair and replace virtually any semi-truck part from transmissions and engines to brakes and punctured tires.

If you’re in need of a tractor-trailer transmission rebuild, get in touch with our knowledgeable and attentive mechanics today. We’ll give you a free estimate and schedule service. In addition to normal business hours, we provide around-the-clock roadside assistance in case of unfortunate late-night accidents or parts failures.

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When Is Rebuilding a Transmission Necessary?

A semi-truck transmission rebuild involves thoroughly cleaning and replacing various parts of the transmission in order to get it back to proper working order. Brand-new gaskets, seals, and other parts are replaced, and the end result is a renewed transmission that works in perfect sync with your vehicle. Whenever possible, our mechanics prefer to perform repairs or rebuilds rather than replacements because it is better for your vehicle to use its original equipment.

Why is Rebuilding Better than Replacing?

When rebuilding the transmission, all of the core gears and alignments remain in place, allowing your vehicle to operate efficiently. Your truck and its transmission start out in perfect sync with each other, so it is always best to leave the original parts when possible. A new transmission may not suit your car as well as the original, so it’s always best to get tractor-trailer transmission overhaul rather than replacement. If a replacement is necessary, our mechanics will discuss your options with you in-depth and do everything possible to reduce your costs.

Experienced Diesel Mechanics You Can Trust

Your diesel truck has specific needs and equipment that an average mechanic may be unfamiliar with. When you rely on our services, you know your truck is in capable hands. Our mechanics are specially trained to work with diesel trucks and semi-trucks and have more than 50 combined years of experience working with tractor-trailers and diesel engines. We understand how these vehicles differ from regular cars, and have the equipment and skills necessary to properly care for them. Whether you need regular maintenance or emergency roadside repairs, we have the knowledge and experience to handle it.

Contact us to schedule semi-truck transmission overhaul services. We proudly serve clients in Oklahoma City, OK, as well as the surrounding areas.